Why Romney Sucks

October 1st, 2012

Romney's Magic WedgieMitt Romney is the turd sandwich challenging the giant douche called Obama for the presidency of the United States. Let’s look at the reasons why Mr. Mitt Romney sucks.

Why Romney Sucks

  1. Romney supports a regressive federal tax code, meaning he wants the rich to pay less as a percentage of income than the rest of America. Not just a little less, but a lot less: Even though the wealthy already pay less in taxes than regular Americans, Romney openly wants to make Bush’s tax cuts for the very wealthy (those making more than $250,000) permanent — making a regressive tax code even more regressive. This fits Romney’s sucky M.O. as governor of Mass, where he increased the tax burden by $1,200 per person but at the same time demanded $75 million in tax breaks for the 278 wealthiest citizens.
  2. Romney seems hypocritical on healthcare by promising to repeal the new federal health care program even though it is based on the legislation he enacted in Massachusetts.
  3. Homophobe or theocrat? Romney opposes gay marriage. He even wants it banned via the constitution. This also seems hypocritical when considering his pandering about leaving it to the states to decide when it comes to other wedge issues like abortion.
  4. Speaking of which, Romney flip-flopped on abortion. Romney explicitly supported abortion rights in 1994, but changed his position in 2005 while preparing to run for president.
  5. He’s a Mormon, and he is part of the LDS church which openly denied preisthood to black people until 1978 and practiced polygamy until 1890 and is still accused of racism, homophobia and sexism to this day. Perhaps most importantly of all, Romney wears magic underpants. We are all for religious freedom and tolerance, but when it comes to the leader figurehead of the free enslaved world, we think a little less crazy would be kinda nice.
  6. While the Governor of Massachusetts, Romney drastically and repeatedly increased fees on gasoline, gun licenses, marriage licenses, and driver’s licenses which had a disproportionate impact on people with lower incomes.
  7. Romney wants sex education to be abstinence-only — even though the evidence clearly shows that abstinence-only education is utterly ineffective if not counter-productive at preventing frequency of teen sex, teen pregnancy and STDs, whereas comprehensive sex education actually does prevent pregnancy and STDs (Source 1; source 2). Even no sex education at all leads to better results in terms of teen pregnancy and STDs than abstinence-only education, whereas abstinence-only education does NOT increase abstinence even though it does increase pregnancy and STDs.
  8. Romney demonstrating his suckiness in his own words: “It was the right decision to go into Iraq. I supported it at the time; I support it now.”
  9. Romney opposes legalizing marijuana, even just for medicinal purposes. Considering some of the lip-service Romney pays to the idea of lowering government spending, this also makes him arguably a hypocrite since it costs billions if not hundreds of billions per year to chase down and imprison non-violent marijuana users, and considering he supports the legal usage of heroine-like drugs for pain management.
  10. Romney despises 47% of Americans based on falsehoods. In his own words:

    “There are 47 percent of the people who will vote for the president no matter what. All right, there are 47 percent who are with him, who are dependent upon government, who believe that they are victims, who believe the government has a responsibility to care for them, who believe that they are entitled to health care, to food, to housing, to you-name-it. That that’s an entitlement. And the government should give it to them. And they will vote for this president no matter what… These are people who pay no income tax… [M]y job is is not to worry about those people.”

    Incidentally, as pointed out with this same link earlier, the bottom 47% pay more in taxes to the federal government than rich people like Romney, namely precisely because of the contributions typical Americans make to the special funds like medicare that literally do entitle them legally to things like health care, disability pay and retirement.

  11. Romney only paid an effective tax rate of 14.1 percent for his 2011 taxes and 13.9 percent for his 2010 taxes, way less than the 47% of Americans he secretly blasted. Worse yet, Romney would have paid even less taxes, but chose not to claim certain deductions to conform to his earlier would-have-been lie that he pays at least 13% every year. Still, 13% is less than most working Americans pay on just Social Security and Medicare (which as we saw above, Romney ridicules them for thinking they are entitled to be paid back when they get sick or old.) An American making less than a 6-figure income right now is being charged over 15% taxes just for social security and medicare on that income, plus an additional 10% to 35% on any taxable income leftover, making the typical American pay way more than out-of-touch, massively rich people like Romney. No wonder Romney was so hesitant to release his tax returns.
  12. Under Romney’s sucky watch, Massachusetts sank from 36th to 47th in job creation — third from last. The unemployment rate in the Bay State sank to above the national average to below while Romney was in office.
  13. Romney left behind a $1 billion deficit in Massachusetts, and increased Massachusetts total long-term debt by 2.6 billion. He increased spending by 6.5% each year, increasing government jobs at 6 times the rate of private sector jobs.
  14. Romney seems to be pandering to racists. Romney spent millions on a campaign ad that makes false claims about a made-up welfare policy it falsely claims is Obama’s, which many analysts believe is being used as a call to rally up racists, who would presumably be the only ones encouraged by such a clearly false and politically irrelevant ad.
  15. Anti-science conspiracy theorist? Romney does not believe in global warming despite the fact that there is clear scientific consensus. Also, his policies follow suit: Romney opposes EPA regulation of greenhouse gases.
  16. Presidential Suckoff 2012 – Who Sucks More?

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