Welcome to Why They Suck. This is a website about things and people that suck — suckers as we like to call them.

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This site is meant to be entertaining. Most of the content on this site is the subjective opinion of the post author, and we have the right to publish opinions. When we do publish objective statements, we are giving a second-hand account (e.g. “Joe says that Mary is 30 years old”), usually provided by a link to where we read it and/or the name of the person/organization making the statement, and we can make no warranty towards the actual information (e.g. whether or not Mary is actually 30 years old or not). We do not engage in any libel or defamation. To help in the end, we simply avoid making first-hand informational claims. To repeat, this site is meant for entertainment purposes only, and any seeming information needs to be verified with the original and/or other sources. We do not allege to be providing information or journalism. Comments are the claim of the author of the comment; we only assert that the author of the comment wrote that comment, and our publication of the comment in no way reflects agreement with it in opinion or as fact. By using this website, you agree to use it only for entertainment purposes, and not for informational purposes.

^Disclaimer needed because sucky suckers might get their sucky panties in a knot when we point out how much they suck.

Who doesn’t suck?

Who doesn’t you suck,” you may ask? Well that’s an easier answer: literal suckers don’t suck! We love to use the word suck here to describe the crappy, nasty behavior of some people, especially politicians and corporations. But we actually do not like the term’s etymological implication. The term of course comes as a derogatory reference to the charitable people who like to perform oral sex. But those people are great! People who literally perform oral sex are awesome!

When we call awful people “suckers” here, we are using the term in its new non-literal meaning of someone who is just a crappy person or crappy organization. We don’t think that actually being sucker is a bad thing! For those literal suckers reading this, go on and keep it up! We appreciate what you do!


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